Whistleblower Medical Professionals expose the scamdemic


The videos in this website may be disturbing to some. We thank the nurses who put everything on the line to tell the world the truth.

Death by Ventilator

The nightmare began with an explosive interview of "Erin Olsziewski", the nurse who worked in Elmhurst Hospital, New York City. Full interview

Erin's Original Interview

This is the segment that distills the crime. The world still has not woken up. Deaths by COVID are really deaths by VENTILATOR or death by VAXX, after a patient has tested positive or negative.

The Nurses

In no particular order, here are some of the real heroes in this plandemic.

The Doctors

They are threatened with loss of their license if they speak out.

A Funeral Director

Risking life and limb to tell the truth.

"This is the bible on vaccine info. Ignore at your own risk."
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny